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How to make LED machine working lamp better cooling?

Date: 2013-12-11
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LED working light bulbs is the choice of the LED lamp, the first power single chip LED is not high, the heat is limited, heat is not a big problem, so the package is relatively simple. In recent years, with the constant breakthroughs in LED material technology, packaging technology of LED also changed, from the early development of shell type package single chip multi chip package module becomes flat, large area; the working current of the early low power LED 20mA. The progress to the current 1/ 3 to about 1A high power LED, the input power of a single LED 1W above, when the high power LED lamp assembly to a small volume and a few beads in the cup, when using a long time in the case of continuous heat agglutination if the heat is unable to shed will affect the normal use of the lamp.

At present, we generally adopt three kinds of solutions for the heat dissipation of high power LED machine working lamp:

Try to increase the internal volume in the first cup, cup if smaller volume as much as possible to reduce the usage of beads;
Second cooling hole in the outside of the cup, of course, this lamp is to be used in the processing areas without waterproof case;
Third is the use of lamps and lanterns of the heat sink, the heat generated by the heat transfer to the export.

Of course, this solution has some shortcomings, at present our factory technical personnel continues to study, hope to have a more perfect way to heat such solutions, in order to more prolong the service life of the lamp light machine work.

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